Why Heels!!

I was kind of wondering today? My point of wonder was selected out of the blue… and it happened to be a high heeled shoe. For ones they are an eye sore, the varieties in which they come all have the tendency to either poke your eyes or give you a potentially black eye, if in any way they are projectiled at you!

I asked a girl who’s a friend at college (never come into the impression– she’s my girl friend), “doesn’t these high heeled shoes hurt your feet..? “, she said… ” I am rather used to the pencil heels!” and I was like ” omg!”. Normal uneven roads can be quite a risk for even formal shoes that men wear ( often they have inches of flat cuboidal heels!), many a times  I myself sprained my foot as the shoe toppled over to a side. Listening to what she said… I just put me foot in my mouth ( better safe than a sprained ankle!). That and now hordes of ladies walking the same stretch in shoes where the entire weight focuses on a minuscule area under a pencil heel… is a leg pain even at the thought of it for me.

Recently had a job interview, where all gents and ladies were to come in Formal attire… so had to buy formal shoes, 700 bucks –straight gone! I ai’nt crying after the money though, i got the job ( that’s for another day!). But out of 200 something ladies that attended the interviews… almost all wore pencil heels. I realized it’s a formal thing for the ladies. “Holy lord of Lady’s feet!” and till then only I experimentally believed Formality is a clearly executed, don’t do this at home,  stunt!

This Heelophobia of mine, stems from the imagination of being beaten up by a lady with her shoes… the horror of heeled shoes!( Jason Voohess would be put to shame with his arsenal of cutlery). Also whenever you are outside a system laboratory–‘ late to the class’, the array of heels that greets you right in the morning at the shoe space is a trauma enough! More so if there’s a power cut in the corridor.. and stumbling on these shoes is an inevitability!

Heels-comic strips-fat lady, have a long association in literary context. Every body remembers Bianca Castafiore from Tintin adventures! Yeah, many a movies too! What..? You want to hear more..?  Now Just don’t get me started on Pornography and high-heels if you want to avoid a red-face!

Go to sleep people… too much Facebook is harmful for you!


PS: This  is a domain of freedom, where the writer exercises his “visa to creativity” … Thumb rule is you cant question him of his morality & intentions, which are good ( beyond doubt). Any a raging femi-nazi … don’t beat me up… in case you do, no high heels please!