League of Extraordinary caricatures… meets Cindrella

“Where shall we meet again? In thunder lightning & in rain”… was all the dark looking creepy silhouette said before he vanished into the darkness and Soweak, Guru and the Count Pomegranate stood gasping for his breath at the sudden turn of events. They were strolling the streets at the town’s edge when this dark shadow appeared and started to ramble to the trio. This count  really had a doubt whether the creep shadow was a ghost or something else and given he does not have a thing for ghost etc., he quickly made a dash for his castle, ran to the strongest looking room and started shaking like a leaf under a pile of blanket, he did not think rationally who or what it was or what it might be doing with the Guru or Soweak or both. Such a scaredly Count! Nobody knew a thing . . . Something was really cooking. . .

The Sheriff

Nobody knew a thing and days have passed! Meanwhile Sheriff has gone off town to track down the two old time weaselsome– Soweak & Guru, because now they are maligning Sheriff himself over some random dame!! Hell be  loose… I say! Rumour has it, that these two has turned corporate… as there people get paid & get rich for doing these trades that they ar a master of! But pack your money and scram… because Sheriff’s on your tail! Rumor also has it that they were alleging that Sheriff was enticed by Cindrella… the un-crowned witch ( some stylishly replace ‘w’ for a ‘b’) queen of the Five’s deep ( Rhymes with Helm’s Deep, ain’t it?). Hey listen punk, this is not the oh-so-innocent original Cindrella o’ fairy tale, rather she’s more like the Villain of the tale! It was Cindrella’s conceited outlook towards the general populace that kept her from becoming a politician or some major harmful talent as the nincompoop Undone rather she remains simply a random evil Gossip monger. Owing to the circulating gossips about her and Sheriff– Sheriff has rode off town to find the gossip propagators, and as of now Sheriff is an un-official arch Nemesis of this evil C.

Count Pomegranate however maintains a cordial relation with her evil majesty, Cindrella, mainly because he goes weak in the knees in fear (and also secret admiration)  of this evil C. Her evilness however comes with her own cahoots– witches (some stylishly replace ‘w’ for a ‘b’) in tow. Lesser mortals would fall for them any day… but not the League of these extraordinary caricatures! However everybody seems to be awed by her evilness… even the eccentric Dr. Daryabhatta starts thinking straight (we are not talking about ‘A’ material… that’s simple English!) in her presence and starts acting like a fish-monger from North-Kolkata in a far far place called West Bengal!

On the way in search of the two weasels … Soweak & Guru, Sheriff met two weird but good men. One was Seyana Darukhanewala & other was Amsotto Daruwala, as the name suggests they were not blood brothers… but one could say almost! Seyana is a perverted philosopher with numerous dirty philosophies that would put even Soweak and Guru to shame, and Amsotto is an old friend but a happy-go-Lucky guy who occasionally assists Seyana in his Philosophies, but by no means he is some assistant to Seyana — he hold his won! Seyana happened to be a close friend of the Count Pomegranate and together they oppressed far and wide with their Lethal practices of Music but one-day, Seyana fell for a dame and left Town… that was many moons ago much before Sheriff came to the Town.  Amsotto was Sheriff’s friend from College days… however he started taking interest in some obscure subject called clustering and left town one-day with his big plans of applying the principles on herds of Sheep. It’s a fact that Amsotto owns a company named ‘Shee-pple’ that makes technologies like, Sheep-intosh, iSheep, iLamb, mutton-chops etc. For a brief period he was kicked out of his own company for obscure reasons… but then they took him back and he revolutionised the market with the afore-mentioned technologies. Currently he has taken a brief leave from ‘Shee-pple’, nobody kicks him out… he himself does it!  These guys talked about two hurrying men who were running at a great speed due west… however they started joking about Sheriff, but he spared them for old times sake but taped their mouth with duct tapes and hung them upside down from a tree. And he left… hot on tail of Soweak and Guru.

Back in town the headstrong-nincompoop of an Undone is up with new mischief! However he dare not say a thing about the Sheriff… coz then he knows Sheriff will come for him as he was already on Sheriff’s little-black-book! More so for Undone this is just a matter away from his waking reality… his existence revolves or rather tumbles around the queen deWatery. Count Pomegranate has again fallen foul of him and he hides in highest Castle rooms and regularly pays the Sheriff for protection. You know, this Guru and Soweak were appointed as Count’s personal bodyguards but hell knows what mad them go rogue on their boss and turn tails on the Count and also Sheriff! Queer ways of the people… you really can’t predict when people runs for what! However as Eric Bana realised in Munich(2005), “It’s a small world… and people talk”, so it has come to Sheriff’s notice that Soweak was up for buying a Workstation to play Super Mario, so somebody might have paid him… a bait! But who?… who?… who? It must be the corporate people… they are the ones who want to malign Sheriff. But  save them for later… first things first, grab the 2 weasels first! Now, although the Count had taken his eyes off the queen deWatery but he could not get his mind off her… it’s more of that Emotional Atyachar kind of thing. Even at the sound of the name deWatery, Count’s nose can be seen peeking out of the high castle windows. The man’s however mildly angry on Undone, people like him should be more well versed in the ways of ‘Gandhigiri’ than ‘Dadagiri’, as the idiot has sabotaged and maligned his poetic license over Count’s recent poetic ventures on Undone. Not that it said something serious… but it’s been heard that it really fondled Undone’s swiss vault of a prestige. The tension is un-nerving… but only for sheriff no side has come down to streets with a civil war! I personally don’t know how a war is ever civil…

However, there’s the catch. Sheriff on his horse suddenly caught the two fugitives staring in awe at a big Rajanikant poster and Sheriff grabbed their collar from behind (Sheriff wasn’t awed as he is a friend of Rajni’s… they went to the same school but he was a great man and thus grew fast to become famous!). The fugitives were like falling on his feet crying cats and dogs for their fault, but suddenly the corporates broke upon them.. they were surrounded. But ho! Rajni came alive from the poster… shook hands with  Sheriff and turned at the corporates… It happened so that it was not a poster… it was Rajni himself and was practicing to be a poster in the city centre. And as you know … When Rajni comes alive.. all wrong doers freeze, so the corporates froze and created a corporate ice garden! Sheriff was too angry with the two traitors… but Rajni requested his old pal from school to spare the ignorants, “they  know not what they did!”. However suddenly a big bad Corporate who was hiding one block away emerged… and quick drawed his weapon, so did our sheriff… and there was ‘bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!bang!bang!bang! bang ! bang! bang!…’ lot of gun shots! Rajni had already gone back to practising being a poster, and the two rascals were hiding behind some cover… the corporate baddie’s gun was empty, but he saw a gun lying on the side walk one feet away… Then in spoke the Sheriff a la Clint Eastwood–“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”, that was too much for the baddie, he gave up and fainted!

Rest as you understand, this baddie had brainwashed the two fools– Soweak and Guru to turn them against the Sheriff! And all’s well that ends well… but half the town has fallen for her evilness… and she is reigning the town. Now the best hope for the town are  the evil Caricatures… it’s just a matter of time before they team up! And they face-off all evils.. be it Undone or be it the mysterious spell of Cindrella!

Her Evilness

This a compilation that is a part of the running gag:
And the Lone Ranger rides into the sunset
And the Lone ranger Rides into the sunset yet again

Any resemblance (extracted by minds who are severely out of job) with any real life characters is either coincidental or incidental and should not be a potential issue of conflict. This is a poetic Disclaimer. Now it’s your call to Undo it.