NP long wait for a Valentine

The furor of Valentines day & Egypt’s Hossani Mubarak running with his tail on fire has drowned my earnest desire of being somebody’s arm candy or rather getting an arm candy. However as you know candy’s aren’t cheap so afore mentioned desire is costly! Now if  thou art calling me a miser, then yoou are such un-engineerly in your mentality, go watch “Jor ka Jhatka” or, rather “Big-boss” in whatever season it is playing!

Where the currency of the season– Sympathy gone? Eh! Recession has got it too! No doubt it’s a bad thing! Earlier Sympathy could even get you a brand new Ferrari… well of course you got to have Mr. Billy Gates for your dad or uncle! Tough luck , huh? Let’s get back to the ‘Original’ problem.

Am I looking really stupid when I am out? Well, even Morgan Freeman is called ‘God’, I should rather not worry about it! Might be I have some force-field around me that already repels the fairer sex off my ten feet radius! Who needs do many friend-girls if he can’t get even one girl-friend anyway? Hipocracy be doomed!

Wanna hear my V-day plan? I am meeting up four guys in order to set up a computer lab. for a Counterstrike tournament next month (you are invited!). Yeah, I am such a workaholic! Workaholic my foot… I ain’t got anywhere to graze! Moreover out of the ten scheduled voulanteers  six have gone off to V-day trysts! Do I look happy? You need new spectacles!

Snoopy and Valentine

Ah!... Valentine!

However, why would I at all need an arm candy right now? I don’t know. Guess everybody’s getting it so it must be the rule to be cool! A guy 5 years younger to me told me, “…there are things you need to share with or tell someone…”. My eyes popped into my forehead (they however sincerely returned), I was like, “This guy surely needs some counselling’, I am 22 years and still I dont think I have any ‘Illiad-esq’ shareware… Almost as annoying as the random pop-ups on a net-surf! The same dude could have been seen sticking a cell in his ear every afternoon marching up and down the field chatting over Vodafone with a girl who’s just next door! Two months on… he says he is on a new project! Endocrinal overdrive!

Yeah ok! I ain’t cool…. bottom line! Preserving the heat is an important feat I am accomplishing amidst too much of coolness all abound! Look at these swarming dudes at every hot spots in town — all live Xerox copies of one-another! Same tees, same short shirts, same shoes, same haircut, same Jeans, same scarfs, same bandanna, same sunglasses… even similar looking plasticine arm candies! Ok Ice packs, I am very happy with whatever remaining heat I am standing on… there’s so much cool-dom, it seems as if that what become natural! Society is just getting colder by day it seems (2012 a calling?). But did you know Rs 35 ice-cream cones last longer than Rs 10 hot coffee! Slam both on your face, you deserve it for being cool, also do the same to any arm candy that’s with you, just because she is around you!

Nothings going well these days! There’s GATE on 13th Feb. Even research works that I assist are seeming bland, all I am doing is severe numerical data crunching and simulations. Same plain boring code. OK now don’t snigger! What’s dumb for me is very hard for you, rain check! ( That’s labeled in text books as superiority complex… blusters! I thought that’s simple frustrated rant). Don’t cry in embarrassment, keep a straight face life’s hard… and really I ain’t scolding you my sweetheart, rather I am scolding myself!

For once, all arm candy material are notably dumb and those that come with brains are so snobbish that you can but only run from them because of their fiery temper-personality-ego etc! Those that are very nice-cute-sweet & next door, either her parent’s or your parents will bash you up, if the word’s out that you were after her! Sorry state of all deadlocks that could be!

And the one who is destined to find you is no-where in sight or hiding in plain sight… so frustrating life! Boring 14th February… without her!

Sweetheart come-on find me fast, have waited long ~ NP long!