Indiblogger Kolkata meet (#indical Feb 20, 2011)


Indiblogger: Indian Blogger comes with a tagline “We blog therefore we are!”. That’s catchy and that’s cool! Yeah I love  that black tee that #indical gave-away — it says the same (Bangalore XL size is way bigger than Kolkata XL– that makes me hypothesize that Bangalore people have big hearts! Atleast some if not all! ).

Blogging is just a pastime is what most non-bloggers believe! But we blog for causes galore! #indical 2011 kolkata’s primary agenda was Akshayapatra! A NGO that champions the noble cause of providing midday meal for crores of Indian students in primary schools, Hats off to them! We indiblogger’s are being a voluntary army for their cause… We are fight for them with them… with our pens (obviously you knew pens are way mightier than swords!). I’ll be coming out with a speak up on Akshayaparta on another day very soon, but today let’s talk about the bloggers!

that's who we are-- bloggers, that's how we think!

That's how we blogger's think!

There were all kinds of them fat, thin, short, tall, old, young, funny hair, bald, veterans, green horns (No Offenses anyone please!). I never knew elderly people seriously blogged … I just thought blogger’s were just young people with nothing else to do, with me the worst of the kind! I was crest fallen mistaken… I forgot bloggers were just as i defined few seconds before! Now I am thinking of a cool introduction line for the next blogger meet, like- “Hi I am Bipul Islam, I am a blogger!”.

It was more like a party of the mutants… like people different from the general lot! But i am proud to be this kind of mutant.. the blogger more specially, Indian blogger a.k.a indiblogger! Met a lot of people today and made some new friends- Hunky, Gourav, Subham, Likan– big shout guys! Even the back stabbing exercising.. er commenting on your back exercise was great! Not to mention the earnest Indiblogger team! It rocked totally!

Then there was this big-little 5 little Indians! A rock band that gave a fitting closing to the event! Miss you #indical people untill we meet again! Till then let me get in the indi-costume (the indiblogger tee!) and dish out words!


Akshaya Patra: For a cause