CounterStrike 1.6 Clanwars @Avenir 2011 — Final Setup!

Souvik(admin 2), Saptrashi (admin 3), Srinjoy, Soumojit, Tanmoy

Netaji Subhash Engineering College Tech Fest for 2011, i.e, Avenir 2011 is here to satiate your competing selves! As a part of the administrator’s team it has been quite a month fixing up and fine tuning the machines for the 3 day grueling performance demands as the fest starts on 4th March.

Saptarshi Basu (3rd year ECE student) is incharge of  technical aspects of proper running of the game. And me, Bipul Islam, and my fellow batchmate Souvik Pal (4th year CSE students) are incharge of the global aspects of the event which even includes proper hospitiality and rapport building with the competing teams— some bests from kolkata that they will be.

Saptarshi (admin 3), Srinjoy, Subhayu, Ritam, Souvik (admin 2) doing tests

We did put in some over 60 hours of testing sessions with the help of students from various years most prominent being Sudip Basu, Chiradeep Biswas, Basudeb Halder, Abdhishek bhattacharya from 4th year CSE (my batchmates :D). Simply we don’t need to mention the 3rd year ECE guys who are a part of the organising team.

Payel came for a match too played with nick- "blue stockings"

Faculty too have been quite a help for example Soumen Sarnakar sir, Jayanta Sir who would let us in the lab in spite of the squabble that we would make and that would disturb them! Especially we need do to thank Surojit Sir for he got us 10 LCD monitors for this event!

Today was the last of those preparatory days, tomorrow starts Avenir 2011 internal rounds.  Before dreams are dreamt or shattered tomorrow, lets have a good night of sleep. Junior as well as our 4th year is brimming with a lot of interest I too was quite a bit excited as this is my second stint as the Tournament administrator! I did carry my failing Digital Camera — here are some pictures of the final tests and trails and final look of the Central 10 Competition setup!

Final test session when Souvik played with nick-Payel and Payel with -CINDY