My Escapades amongst some hungry people

Eating to Ecstacy

Avenir 2011 is drawing up on 4-6 March. Being a part of the Counter Strike 1.6 Clan Wars Administrator team comes with responsibilities. So as has been the routine of past several days… we spent the whole day stress testing the systems with over 15 people  continuously assisting in the system testing ( formalization for — bunking the classes and chilling out on Free  multiplayer gaming!).

I was off at the West Bengal Science Congress 2011 from the morning till 2 pm, but my co-administrators and their minions were having a gala time gaming full on. I reached after lunch, and immediately started playing with them. Played till upto 5 pm in the evening.

Grabbing a Bite!

I had my free Lunch from the science congress before coming … but my pals were foolish to have gone hungry throughout the day…’HUNGRY and FOOLISH?” Steve Jobs would surely Disagree! So they turned very hungry and they pulled me to the makeshift restaurant where we generally eat. I was full .. so I let them eat.. and then I remembered that I had my camera with me, so decided to snap them in their gulping action! And so I did.

God they did look famished… 🙂 but that gave me some Cinematic moments.