Counter Strike 1.6 @Avenir 2011 — Day 0 or Internal Rounds!

Torture -vs- Annihilation-X going on

Ah what a day… 21 internal college teams battled it out on the home turf to packed audiences in front of Live big screen! 10 teams travel from here to the Official 32 set, that means only 22 external teams can come for playing! The pool of 32 will see — 16 1st round matches, 4 second round matches and one final match! With Official two and half days… it’s gonna rock! full time!

Intense Concentartion!

As of today– Day zero, the zero-th war of clans of the cs 1.6 Clanwars, the participation was way beyond expected from internal sides. Lot more people are now playing Counter Strike. NSEC’s gotto thank Original Tactical trigger bunch– me (Bipul Islam), Souvik Pal, Ritam Bagchi, Basudeb Lahiri (Khoka), Anirban dey (Chingri) and especially me for ever daring to start a CS tournament in NSEC and thanks to the then Phoenix President Pramit Pratim Ghosh and his people for giving us the necessary ‘Boost’ at that time! And heartful-earnest- thanks should go to Souvik and all original D.T.S memebers for aiding in our first Endeavor of 2010.

admin 3: Saptarshi Basu

Now we are in the second year of the same… and there’s a mad rush for CS now, even the yester year Super gaming events like NFS and FIFA are looking Dwarfed! This is my last year as a Counter Strike Admin in NSEC, don’t know where I’d be next… but what this game have brought to me and taught me, I won’t forget ever! CS rocks… let’s Lock & Load!