Counter Strike 1.6 @Avenir 2011 –Day 2 or battle of biggies!

The Poster art of CS!

This was an interesting day… The day started with disqualification of R.I.P of N.S.E.C  because they did not turn up at their fixed schedules that the organisers had called. The day was eventful enough! First my own team lost in a quite close match with a friendly team called “Shadows” and our Junior year team “DTS” defeated the “Xfires” in a race to 9 match! However our another college team “G5” had lost to “Xfires”.

XYZ vs Inception--major upset

“DIvinity” gave some great perfomormance, and so did the kids only pro- team “Horizon” who finally lost to “Lod” in quarterfinals. The biggestdraw of today race to 16 match between Veteran “XYZ” and pro-“Inception” aftre much delays had the Inception dudes beating the shit out of the veterans! They were too dazed with the initial shock that they could not recover in the rest of the match!

With two teams still in quarter-finals, the teams who have gone to the Semis are:


with one quarter final match between  LEGACY Inception remaining.It was one rocking day!

(All pics in this post are by Sounak Gupta and his Cam :D)