Counter Strike 1.6 @Avenir 2011– Day 3 or Final Showdown!

Once over! we are elated! (sharing a pranky mood!)

Finally the great fiasco of Counterstrike 1.6 clanwars @Avenir 2011 came to an end in a hard hitting finish, when surprise underdogs ‘Inception (ubs)’ beat the defending champions and this year’s finalists– the ‘LOD’.

Me, and Souvik breathed a sigh of relief once the final shots were fired… and entire packed room burst in a spell of clapping! 4 days had been endlessly hectic! On the final hour the Cs Theatre was jam packed with interested viewers from all across streams, even the AC’s were having a hard time. Even the president of Phoenix Priyanka Samanta chose to stay and see the Grand finale!

Me and Souvik during the final Showdown!

It was a fair and equally balanced finale. LOD looked all set win with their concrete performance blowing off the opponents off every map right from the prelims. Comparatively Inception looked quite an underdog, but yet giving a solid performance! The match generated considerable interest since the final match was to be played in de_Train, a convoluted and perilous map for any team! Veton, Shade and Skull of LOD’s gave an expected start with 2-0 lead in train but then the hell broke loose, as the Inception unleased their lethal strategy on the complacent and off guard LOD. The initial shock bought Inception a quick mental as well as score lead which held off till the end!

Grand finale in progress!

Cornered LOD even started holding back to almost camping positions… with a breath taking point when the ‘lethal ear’ LOD cap’n Skull was killed from behind at his holed up position.. Souvik fittingly commented “he could as well have been knifed!”

This time the event has become bigger and competition has been fierce! We (me and Souvik) are proud of our Associates and voulanteers, even we should thank LOD captain Pulak Panda for his cooperation and aiding during our crisis situations!

Whatever … it rocked!

Semi finals:

LOD vs Divinity
Inception vs DTS

Grand Finale:

LOD vs Inception


Inception beats LOD

The Spirit of NSEC! The fraternity!

Some Highlights of the Final day all from me and my Cam