me + 4 years = new(me) // thanks friends

Over the last 4 years, I have transformed from a home-bound Geek to out-going Freak. And I love the transformation! This harmonic or phonetic transformation has also brought me the title of an engineer! Four years is not much of an epoch but memories and gifts it has created seem to be endless!

Even now the feeling of being ‘A Graduate’ (minus the caper that made the Dustin Hoffman classic by a similar name — famous) is not quite sinking in… the feel is as if I joined the college just the previous day and I haven’t seen enough and I haven’t enjoyed enough! It’s quite hard to let go… sometimes!

Out of school, 4 years back, did not have many friends to share my thoughts with, only friend of day to day was Subha Guhathakurata –an equally hapless geek! I never mention to my best friends, or, to the people I love that they are beloved, as there’s a pet superstition that I’ll loose them if I do so –ridiculous but that’s me. But we share a long history– classmates from seventh grade till the end of graduation, I rechristened him to 6kka in a casual reference to his roll number and that caught on very fast and now he is every body’s beloved 6kka! 6kka has transformed phenomenally through the last 4 years into an exceptionally smart and distinguished individual but somehow he hasn’t gotten over the fact that he is not the poor-old-geeky-subha anymore! Over all this years I have argued with him many times but fought with him once, actually I landed a tight slap on him. He did forgive me & I did apologize but I never forgave my self or did I? Certainly I am not proud that I did that but it was sporadic and more on the accidental side and not an intentional incident. Taking anything to head is a bad trait. That’s old history now but a landmark in our friendship anyway, we will go a long way no doubt– we live just 10 minutes of cycling distance apart! (and a girl after whom I was capering about in my 2nd year of college presumably lives somewhere on the way!).

First day of visiting the college to complete official formalities, I met a man that was going to be a very good friend in future. Bodhiswatta ‘bodhi’ was sweating it out at the PNB outlet to submit the money of admissions and so was I, simple officious interaction gifted me with a very considerate and close friend. Chiradeep and Abhishek ‘Dari’ soon joined my list of trusted and Sudip and Basu ‘Mota’ followed there after. Chiradeep was the bratty kid a la Shinchan who called me to exhibit his imitation of a thinly voiced ‘Physics lab assistant’ right in the first week of our college! As you know birds of feather flock together so Chiradeep was very fast to catch bodhi as a friend! So never dwell in your dreams that bodhi is some very polite ‘vije beral’, he is an equal brat and can give Chiradeep a hard time anyday! Infact they were testing an Wifi chat application over our laptops in first year. And if that chat would be saved somewhere, 100 years on that could be considered the manual of creative trash talk! And it has been always a risky business walking down the road with these guys mainly because nothing binds there mouth and way they comment randomly at people on the road — that too so loudly, I am fortunate I wasn’t ever beaten up in these 4 years. Walking back home from college was ever fun… all kinds of jokes would be cracked. There was our Chingri who had a severe crush on a girl in the class, and incidentally there were several Laundry’s and saloon’s named after her in the area– this was a butt of some severe ridicule! Then again our very own Prasun was slapped twice by a Cow Tail (that was en effing rare achievement I’d say!). Basu mota’s eternal habit of wedging in between walking people while there was ample space on the road did it’s job of tripping people full time. And we’d always eat the local made Rs. 2 ice creams, we would not have the pocket money to go to some posh destinations but we liked it this way… Saving & optimizing the resources, escape every situation with the greatest possible amount of cash and cut all the useless trills and frills.

Souvik, Debopom, Udayan, Satya, Abhishek Bose were some weirdly funny characters whom I knew from first year. Souvik later became a close friend when he led our Counter-Strike team Tac.T, and then very good-close friends when we organized the first two Counter strike tournaments of Netaji Subhash Engineering College! Debopom is a very good singer and a gentlemanly person as compared to my rough edge-hot head-shooting mouth persona and it’s my good fortune I could become his good friend and quite close at that! However I will always be sorry for one incident when we had applied for a 4th year elective subject without telling him for he was trying for another elective. However to some extent it was intentional as we there was a word out, that only one extra subject might be allowed for an elective, but given the number of students also preferring the other subject we were like “that would be given any way, let’s secure this first!”… ultimately the college did not allow them the subject, and in a way I was directly responsible. At that time when quite hot emotions were flowing I even wrote a blog to bash them up, for blaming us… I was in-considerate and was not thinking of the sadness they have felt when they were denied, what we did was more of a back-stab so to say. I don’t want to name other people who took the decision with me but I just say– “I too was responsible!” But Pom should take my word, not to be so trusting with others, everyone is not as considerate as your elder brother is! With Udayan, I have a constant hot and sweet exchange, I don’t really understand when matters will end with daggers drawn. Got to know him well in my 3rd and 4th years– though the guy has some ego issues, but he isย  as good guy over-all. Tends to be hot headed and as you know egoist people will clash, so my getting in tussle with him is quite destined to happen! Lot can be said about satya, a very talented writer but with a big luck of being mis-understood. The amount of chat messages that has been exchanged between me, Satya, Udayan and Debopom can fill volumes. But I do take pride in resolving a long standing dispute of misunderstandings amongst these three over some utterly simple incident blown out of proportion that came to my knowledge during what I referred to as the back-stab affairs. Now these 3 are hearty pals… I am missing like a host of some 100 guys in this list each one of you is a gem in my memory.

Now my Girls-pals will grill me if they aren’t mentioned… clearly you should commend my choice of words. I have had cordial relations with most of those with whom I was in talking terms. Few if I mention would be Payel, Sanghamitra, Basundhara, Anindita, Piu, Pallami etc. All comments, quarrels, exchanges that has taken place will be cherished, not that I was some exceptionally welknown and good friends with you all (people like me tend not to ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but I did enjoy whatever interaction I had. Special mention should be of Payel and Sanghamitra as they also play Counterstrike with us regularly into the late night… and they play quite well to warn you all cs players out there– these ladies can give you tough time any day!

It was some 4 years… and you think I’ll every forget you, all of you? You have some special place in my heart. With most of you 26th May 2011 might have been my last meeting, may not see you again in my life (especially my friends from out of state). I’ll pray to my god, that you will always be the way you are… no sorrow should touch you because if you cry my heart will bleed whether we are in touch or not. Each of you are the best that you ever could be! Please nobody be angry that I left you out!

What I summarized above that’s quite the imperfect me, those of you who joked that I’d rather marry a computer as I spent so much timeย  with it… well that was me below four yearsย  of dust, and as of now I’d rather keep my computer (as it’s the most faithful friend you would ever find) also marry some human being :D. But if you do remember any of these me’s — I’d be glad if you keep in touch!

CSE NSEC 2007-2011