The rustle that’s your smile

I wait for you…
I wait to hear your thoughts,
the little rustle of what is your smile,
your innocent demands.

Boarded up in a room alone,
with mosquitoes the only companions,
I sit silently listening to the world–
breathing happily outside.

your one careless comment…
get’s me out of breathe, suffocated–
your one trivial praise,
brightens up the daylight.

It happens so, when a coward dreams big,
when an introvert decides to open up his heart,
to throw inhibitions to air,
to take the leap of faith, for once.

I can’t dream about you…
haven’t had a dream over the last 2 months,
the dream that I dreamt
is an waking reality now.
Although you are so far away…

I’d hold your hand,
and we would walk…
speaking not a word,
we would walk long indeed, timelessly,
but will you not make your cute demands?

Yet you may choose to be silent,
often silence is more articulate,
but i’d stare into your eyes,
but i’ll not brush away the stray locks,
that are waved into your face by the careless breeze.
But we’ll walk long indeed until
everything we have known to exist will
vanish into distant haze…. we’d walk forever.

I wait for you,
and I wait for you to hear my thoughts.

ps: The discrete mathematics, algebra and optimization technique books are lying strewn around,
but my mind is only searching for you, is the problem NP hard?