Dear blog… if you could speak, reply!

Often I am in a serious dilemma. Often a very unintentional light comment can return as a mighty punch in the gut! Caught totally unaware not even expecting such a turnout, you feel like you are going to be sick. It has happened to all of us at any point of time. Emotional independence is very important. Bottom-line… you are always on your own. I boasted a perfect philosophy of being indifferent, nothing bothered me… the moment I start having different thoughts, I am screwed often!

What’s your opinion? If you want to convince others about something with all your heart and at every step you have to reiterate the same facts and prove your stand from the ground up… do you think the one at the receiving end is worth it? If you want to be damn honest… to the damned possible core of your existence to someone, and the honesty is intentionally thrown away. Do you think the one apparently receiving it is worthy of it?What if someone continually makes fun of your sincerity? Should they keep receiving the sincerity?

I am not making a damn scene! I’d rather fall silent than scream in a public square slinging mud! But I am really troubled to organise my thoughts. Some thing is happening to me which I can’t tell to my friends, and I am taking a heavy beating! So I chose to write to my silent friend who listens as always but says nothing.