Analysis of a Caterpillar

I was wondering what kind of animal is a Caterpillar. Caterpillar is to butterflies what monkeys are to humans. Hmmm. Logical question how long did monkeys spend in the monkey cocoon? is there any such thing? Zoologists should be able to answer. Again monkeys have tails, and caterpillar is itself a scaled down version of moving tail. So we see caterpillar which is actually some tail becomes a butterfly. So if we use induction, a monkey’s tail becomes the human later with evolution. Yeah that’s a revolution.

munching leaf .. eh?

caterpillar.. munch munch!

Well what is a caterpillar? Behaves like a snake, crawl crawl crawl it goes. but then it can’t bite. What would it be then? Some kind of reptile? Don’t know. If u kill a caterpillar by splatting it with your shoes… some oozy green stuff flow out, Yuck! Caterpillar has thorny things all over it’s body just like in a porcupine. Yeah right…  does it mean it’s some kind of evolutionary brother to porcupine? What’s procupine? A mammal as far as I know… anyway it looks like a rabbit with thorns. It it possible that caterpillar is a mammal? let me guess… well escapes me.

You know evolutionary biology is a tough thing, and the way I am progressing either I am the next Charles Darwin or I’ll ultimately deduce Humans are descendent from caterpillars. Spare yourself the torture.

P.S: My exams are over, get ready for a daily dose of Torture!