Postcard for my Valentine

how i wish you were here

how i wish you were here

Dear Blackbird,

Always wanted to write letters to you. You would take up the paper  smell the fresh ink and kiss my bad handwriting. You’d fall asleep reading it, and through my words I’d sit beside you  and stare at your peacefully breathing shape. Through my words I’d kiss you.

You are the celebration that this life has brought to me, you are the flutter in my heart, the dream in my eyes. Really I have stopped dreaming from the day you reciprocated my love.

But when I fear of loosing u I have dreams where you you are patiently waiting for me. You standing at the bus-stop for over an hour to recieve me–sun shining over you– I jolt out of the dream, I cry. May be a sign of weakness for a man, but not for a lover for his love. Who else can I cry to? Each drop of tear I shed for you, it makes me yours all the more. Even the pain is tolerable because you are at the end of this long road.

Often you say that maybe I dont trust in your words. Know it dear in this world I cannot trust anyone more than you– for I have gifted you my heart. I know I am safe, I breathe of relief. But then I miss you so terribly! Each moment without you is a torture. But I imagine you are beside me smiling at me, that sees me through.

The reality is those 3 minutes you took my arm, the thousands of emotions, the pain of staying apart, the scream of articulate silence, unsaid words that said everything—
I’ll trade my sanity for that.

Your’s forever,
your Teddy B.

P.S: An year earlier i had made a post this valentine week that my search for my Valentine is NP hard … this year I am making this post in her honour.