The Postcard/Open letter

Every cloud has a silver lining

Dear Blackbird,
I know you are in pain, but the reason is unknown to me, but I do feel the storm u are having to face! You are in a mysterious cross road of choices, mysterious because I am not aware of what are you having to put at stake. I am as always standing beside you, telling you not to worry. Many paths lead from the cross road and you may think some of those may not have a place for me. But remember that nice little story we had about the parallel universe? The good things? Well in each of them I am and will be with you. None of these parallel universes will have you and me as some disjoint entities. Living on this planet knowing you are there but separated by a glass wall? No, it doesn’t work for me. I am and will be in any path you choose and I want to stand by you in every decision you take. Do not think me to be an unrelated-independent entity to you. I just know one thing that each word you have told me… you mean them because your words are never insincere, sometimes they tease me but that’s ok with me. So when finally you could utter the three magic words, ” …love you”. I just know that, you are forever mine. Every piece of trust, courage, leap of faith I took for you…were sincere to the last drop of my blood. When you held my hand… I knew what my destiny was and you too knew it in your heart, that’s our reality that’s our truth. I can’t live without you… I love you.

Teddy B.