About to complete a year @Indian Statistical Institue (Kolkata)

Boys Hostel at night....

Boys Hostel at night.... B.stats/M.Stats/M.Maths etc stay there

Now it’s about 9 months or an Year, that I am in ISI kolkata, and experience has been like never before. Earlier I’d get away with all my crimes & wasteful indulgences apart from the studies, but not anymore! Getting punished is the only promise each morning we get. Well you must be wondering yet. You might already be wondering 9 months=1 year? Oh dont worry, I am talking about the academic year. Exams are on, so my creative crawlies in the head are crawling just to run away from the books etc. So what about the rest of the three months? We’ll be off to Internships all over India (I’ll not blog mine now, kinda superstitious, contracted it from someone, this not telling it until it happens thing :), in plain bengali it’s–‘pore bolbo’).

All of us (likes of me)  who got in here,  save a few elitist roots, are from ‘low end private engineering colleges’ as some beloved professors of us will say, and we kind of like the tag, some how we are unique here too!  We are not those B.stat/M.Stat material… but we do squabble about high things and hopes. “Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread”– so true! So here we are chugging on into end of 2nd semester, engines almost giving up, we are just waiting to break free into the vacation/internship opportunity that’s a beckoning!

Point to note this is also my first stint with hostel life, love, smoking. So my hands have been quite full, oh yeah not to mention the really ‘pain in the posterior’ barrage of boring programming assignments. Yeah I can claim to  be a standard coder with a fear of pointers, seriously. Give me anything brute I’ll try to brute it out with arrays generally,  but sometimes I did try out the pointers. Yeah problems were not very tough and I did a hell lot of ‘help me’ and ‘help you’ with the codes… I admit! But I had my fair share of liking for challenging ones. Give me an innovative tough problem, I’ll do an all nighter to solve it. Give me a run off the mill boring tough problem… I wont even be able to start it well enough. I am yet to come to grips with this motivational chaos!

Me at the top of the everest...oops SNB building!

Me at the top of the everest...oops SNB building!

Well Cigarettes don’t give me the kick. So I am quite skeptical when people really claim it to. Yeah, you too. But needless to say I do smoke sometimes …seldom.. few and far between, that’s when I am bored or I am very sad with no plans to immediately do anything! Oh please, and the hostel mate of mine who would also smoke ‘biri’s just to quench the urge to smoke…. I’d say, Quit acting bro, I know how you smoke them! I had imagined that my brain will start running like a TGV train the moment I puff it, on the contrary the mind just went haywire… I bet it’s more on the belief. If you believe you can move a mountain, even the devil can’t stop you, if you decide you are too tired to wake up at even 10 A.M, not even god can send you to class that day!

About Love… I am so in Love 🙂 She and ISI, happened almost together for me… She has been there strong for me… And I know she will be there. She was one of the motivations which led me to crack ISI … other than the head bowing support from my parents and brother. On the very early morning of the day before the interviews… at about 1 o’clock something morning. She sent me a message, “Don’t let the past failures stop you…”, at that point it was just a gesture, unnecessary as we were just talking for not even 2 weeks or so. But she was the only one to wish… Now today we are actually collaborating over  sketch that she has to make… it’s a big honour as this lady takes no nonsense & no help/suggestions from anyone.

PS: I am very hungry now… gotta grab my supper.

Two of my dearest friends @ISI

Two of my dearest friends @ISI