Schrödinger’s cats of Indian Statistical Institute

le schrodinger's cat

le schrodinger’s cat

All hail Herr Erwin Schrödinger ! “Ye mighty Schrodinger, mighty are thy sick-er thoughts!” Where are the Peta people gone? There’s a bloody crime being celebrated world wide, because of an arbitrary curiosity that killed the cat! If E.S. had published his thought experiment during this decade he would have surely hung, someone would have surely pegged him to the wall! Especially if he were to do the ground breaking(!glass breaking?) research here in India, he would have had chance to face the wrath of Maneka Gandhi (Is she still that angry animal activist? I don’t know). Cats dogs elephants tigers are more precious than Humans.

It all comes down to a cat locked in a dark box “with which the cat cannot interfere…” ( When Schrodinger said that  I suspect he was thinking about wave nature of cats). So they put some radio active material in the chamber that will decay (or may be not)… in the course of the hour. So if it did by means of a “relay” they would break a HCN gas flask and the “imprisoned cat” will be freed from life! Now how many here are Tom & Jerry fans. Seen the Rube-Goldberg devices they make? Here Tom pulls a spoon, a ball rolls, topples a jug, water piles on to the sink… over flows in to little pot placed on a balance…which triggers a pulley and pulley releases a big set of objects on to Tom…. Jerry devices these things. Similar things with Physics Jargon and you reach ‘touchstone’s of physics. While in the box the Cat is in a Quantum state!! They say so!! Dafaq is that supposed to mean!

You know we are such cat’s of ISI :D. People outside don’t have any idea of what we are upto here. The system & courses form the dark box that we can’t “interfere” with. The marks and attendance are like those radioactive substances which if finds their half-life in our life-span in the system, will trigger complex dean-office sequences that will either get your stripend halved, or, zeroed, or , even “chuck you out!” While none of these are happening we are really cluelessly talking tough talks of computer science … in our indigenous quantum states! All that matters is what comes out of the box… a Cat that’s a successfully dead one or, as yet a living one!

That’s my way of choosing quantum states to define us… whether dead means living or living means dead is controversial, and I leave it to you … my now motivated readers (who will be after my neck if they are from ISI, that’s really not a Physic-al thing I am looking forward to, thus the post script!).

P.S : Nothing more to do here…. *le me goes back to quantum state*

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