Being an intern @Strand Life Sciences

Strand Life Sciences

The M.Tech(CS) course requirements requires an ISI student to have an intern-ship experience at an academic or industrial establishment. So this semester break is to be fuelled in this regard in other words, no break! I have developed a liking & fascination for scientific computation & visualization long ago seeing those Hollywood films (no CID please), where the specialists suddenly simulate a real-time representation of a prediction using available data. Later with a little interaction with my dad and helping out in his research endeavours with my meagre computation skills of using MATLAB, Mathematica the sense of liking for simulations & visualizations of data had gripped me well. However there is not much chance of exploring that aspect as my M.Tech dissertation in ISI where primary focus is mainly in graph theory (which i dread like devil, but now it’s high time I exorcise myself off it) and hard-core theoritical work.

Last semester we were hurriedly called to a 45 mins conference in our ACMU unit where a leading researcher of interdisciplinary biology-computerscience-medicine had come from Havard school of medicine (our primary purpose was to fill up the small conference hall). Lot was said about cancer research 80% of which I did not understand (honestly!… if you expected I would, then I must have been some freaking genius! fortunately that I am not). I had a fondness for all things biology prior to my 10+2’s when I left the subject in order to reduce load as I wasn’t going to opt for medical sciences (as if I would have got it if kept it).

But seeing biology in a completely different aspect and a complete different no ‘mug up and vomit’ form interested me. I was planning to do pursue my dissertation on this field. I approached a prof. of ours who agreed to mentor me in this regard if he felt I can do something of progress in the subject in three months. He suggested me and a friend of mine of Strand Life sciences (till then the name was Strand Genomics og google), & we applied. About a month of waiting and we were granted an opportunity, with the line “Join us as soon as you are available”.

So here I am in workspace-210 (dont know if it’s temporary) in full informals @Strand Life sciences. There had been a mishap with one of the company employees who hailed from Kolkata and un-fortunately he passed away on the day before his birthday. So the environment today is quite glum. His parents and sister came to visit their son’s work place for the first and the last time. His colleagues are all very sad too, in a condolence meeting some of them could not check their tears. Ironically his last day in office was our first day here. And as his colleagues talked about him we heard that he had been sitting on a table right across us and have been talking of investing money in stock market a the shares were falling, so that 30 years later he may reap huge benefits. As one of his colleagues pointed out in a teary voice… ” little did he know what was going to happen in 30 odd hours”. Life is short-precious that’s the mood. Even I don’t feel like writing any-more now. signing off.