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I have been a dire need to send international sms’s from India wich irrespective of operators generally cost you Rs.5 for each sms, and that’s a burns a bit of a hole in your wallet if you have to stay in a regular touch via texting. There are a lot of free smsing services within the country but for international smsing free services are very hard to find if not non-existent altogether.

I came opon this service ( suddenly while using the Chrome Web app store. Signed up just to see whether this works. After completion of the verification and stuff I sent an international trial text. She verified that she had received a text from  me few mins back and that this service that I talked about in the same.

I have been sending texts for quite a while now, the thing works nicely & you are given a status report too. Colored icons beside the sent text shows whether it has been delivered or not or what state it is in. The site interfaces are pretty intuitive and you can easily understand what to do. Give it a try. 😀 You can Click to go there from here.