Flying home… growing up

Yesterday, with a heart beating loudly, I confessed something to my mom. To my gladness, and up to my projected expectations she sportingly accepted my decisions. Hmm, finally it feels parents have grown up šŸ™‚ or is it they think I have grown up! So both parties now agree both have grown up so for theĀ immediateĀ future all are living happily ever after!

The day’s of ‘No’ ‘No’ ‘No’ & ‘No’ to each and every request seems to be finally over! Now feeling like empowered adult person. Universal adult franchise is a joke… real acknowledgement of being an adult comes when you tell your parents ‘yeah… this is my decision’ & they say ‘Okay good luck!’ If you felt it you know it. If you haven’t you better wait for it! Yup an year ago when I left for hostel for the first time in life feelings were mixed. On one hand I was not wanting to leave my room, not wanting to leave my mom’s care, not leave the every day mischief with my brother (he is a 19 year old guy as of now, but with me he is still as his day 1), or dad’s all hour caringĀ advises. And on another hand I knew I had to live on my own too at some point or other. That day I kind of had a strange feeling & when I was leaving my Ā main gate, an imagery of a little bird flying off his nest for the first time. Well, don’t laugh I don’t look little in any aspect but then I felt so.

It took me some months to scoreĀ continuousĀ one month out of the house. And I am also a good source of joke for my hostel mates as I frequently return home if I see a slightest holiday! You never know where your life takes you, who knows if you are to spend a major part of your life far from you hometown? So I try to make the best use of all holidays that I get now! Getting back to family after a week of staying alone, thinking alone, eating alone, sleeping alone, waking alone is good! Besides mom also wants me back! Yeah Dad too, but he can’t say, dads don’t say. Brother misses me & also wants me back but somehow I interact with him somehow or the other all week over facebook or maybe gmail. As the saying goes, a brother is someone who can understand you perfectly well even if you are just silent. So we are cool on that front too!Ā Yeah sure I miss my girl, don’t have to strain your eyes all over the Ā article, she is mentionedĀ at leastĀ once & the record is proudly as well as lovingly Ā maintained.

As I was saying, away from home for 3 long months is first time for me, as well as theĀ precedingĀ  one year of hostel life. But somehow I feel hostel life is important. You can live through thick and thin, away from home is an important realization. The world I suppose is a tough place and to get some ground below your feet you need to walk & trek some stretches alone. I’d suggest at least once in your life after you cross you schools you should get out of the boundary of your homes and fly off and live on your own. But in the evening remember to return home… mom/dad they will be waiting!