Her brave-heart

The brave-heart and the wild pathologist

The brave-heart and the wild pathologist

Have you ever heard a little girl complaining that an ant bit her & it hurt her! But she was bravely silent until the moment she was asked? I have heard it. The apparent bravery boils away mid sentence and her voice breaks and wavers. And may be she breaks down in tears when you give her a hug or she just manages to get hold of herself as you ask her too many questions? The situation may always not be an ‘ant’ biting but it can be anything similar like getting an injection, getting blood drawn from a pathologist. The waver in the voice tells a lot, only if you are listening!

Few days back this girl was to go to a pathologist to get some blood drawn for some tests  & brave-heart that she always is, she went alone into the battle! The person taking the blood was a bumbling inexperienced idiot! And much to my dismay and her confusion he could not find the vein in one arm trying for ten minutes even after sticking the needle into the arm. Damn what do you call that– a slaughterhouse? Though the fool ultimately took blood from the other arm but gave a stupid  excuse to the unsuspecting girl that she may have less blood etc. If I would have been nearby that excuse of a pathologist was going to get a punch in the face! The experience was traumatic enough and she had a pain in the arm for another long 24 hours. But the bravely held poise of ‘I am just fine’, boiled over when she came to the point of telling me how the needle hurt her. The quiver in the voice broke me down to no end, but my heart felt compressed by the thoughts of the pain. I had one local expert doing this to me once few years ago while trying to get blood for some tests, but the man was honest enough to tell me “I can’t do this”… after 10 min of trying on both my arms and bruising them both nicely! But you do the same to a precious girl and tell her she has less amount of blood just because she is a little scared & listening to whatever  your lousy mouth mumbles?

But I just can’t explain what random thoughts surged in my mind, when i heard that breaking voice, I sat down on my hostel  balcony saying whatever good I can, to take her mind off it, into my phone. That’s what is possible from 2000 miles away, the feel of helplessness was colder than the night air. Well I …  … … am Sorry you went to that battle alone! But a day later when she told me the reports were ok but she was to do the blood-tests again, she peeled into laughter & could not stop — the one that I always love to hear & she knows it.

P.s: My idea of brave-heart is not just your Mel Gibson from the movie by the same name, coincidentally who is also her favorite. But I found a braver brave-heart.