A hobby that’s financially Heavy [Photography]

me with my CMEHA

About to retire for the night, enough of a week of all nighters. Finally seriously considering photography as a hobby. As far as I am told, as a 2-3 year old kid I had ruined a very nice camera my dad had first bought, it took the 120 films, even in my senses I have memories of playing with broken camera shell. I was used to taking things apart always, though lot of beatings apart I finally became an engineer, but still now… if any new appliance is brought home and I am fiddling around mom & dad will be like totally scared.

I do remember when my dad bought another camera, this time a Zenit 122 for some 5 thouand bucks around 1995-96, and he wont let me touch it what so ever. Few shutter presses here and there just to have my dad in the frame, otherwise it remained out of my bounds always. I was like, I am going to take nice snaps with it some day. First formally got to touch it in the Sikkim tour of 2007, dad trusted me with it as I was then a physics spewing honcho with raging funda about optics. Camera was by that time past it hay days, shutter button did not work well, but lens, focussing, diaphram were perfect & it was a pleasure to click with it. It got dumped at the back the cub-bard for about 2-3 years, as in 2009 due to my constant nagging we finally bought a Samsung D860 for about 5 thousand bucks again. I remember that was 25th December did have a gala time whole day taking shots without anyone saying anything like now give it back etc.

Finally in 2011 September,  I got my current digital camera Nikon CoolPiX L120, a bulky but sure a marvel for 13 thousand bucks because of it’s performance and quality. It’s been a pleasure to use the easy interface. Yet the manual mode seems a bit lacking, could have been a bit more unrestricted. I still miss the manual gala of the Samsung D860, whose lens housing developed a glitch due to dust accumulation after a trip to dry and dusty Chandigarh and fell to non-use within several months, but I kept on using it until August 2011. Parallely along this time however I spent 700 bucks to fix my Zenit cam… the ‘thief’ of a shop keeper only cleaned the lens and did not repair the shutter button as was promised. But then I could not ask for money for developing/buying films from dad regularly, so Zenit retired to Shelf once more.

Well until now… my fascination for film photography resurfaced while browsing Lomographic wealth all over the net. After a little deliberation I ordered a Smena 35 (CMEHA 35) an USSR made Lomo camera over ebay and later a Holga 12 mfc flash. I have been trying out the cam. Well now I am in my masters and I do get some little stipend to fuel the charges of buying films, developing charges etc. Finally now I have a camera with my own bucks, although I had to use my dad’s card because of some glitch with my card though, I can make up for that :).

Some people are saying film Photography is  very costly especially when they are carrying a DSLR worth 50 thousand bucks or above. Well I calculated, if my one roll+ developing charges is 200 bucks (which is worst case exaggerated), then I’ll have to shoot 250 rolls at best to touch their cost, which means I’ll be shooting ~9000 shots before doing that. Well as a guy with a digi cam, 9000 shots would be a matter  of few days (personal experience), but with a film camera you start to think about every think, it becomes a game of optimization & creativity again, so 9000 shots will be a bit faraway.

I am a great fan of this Lomography phenomenon and I am especially irritated by “photoshop edited” high resolution images with petty overlays being passed off as lomo images. If you at all need to photoshop them why buy a 50 thousand buck worth cam!!??  Go snap in a high-res mobile camera or a compact digicam and then edit at your heart’s content!

Well my readers, congratulate me on my anniversary with my sweetheart, which was last day 7th July (i got tied up so didn’t write anything yesterday). Have a nice sleep, and have a good day tomorrow.

ps: I was trying very much to put up a picture of mine over here but, wordpress is failing 🙂 will do that tomorrow!