Eid’s here [Eid Mubarak to all]

So after a month of Ramadan, the beloved festival of Eid is finally here. From the eve of Eid day parents don’t ask you to study, that I have been seeing from childhood. But now me or my brother are in a state, they have stopped asking about studies, even if they  did ask me to study today I (we) would not have! An afternoon of tasty food, sound sleep and then top that with a lovely happy message from *le girlfriend*, nothing could be better!

I would rather not speak about religious reasons behind Eid, loads and lots of theoretical & scholarly material is strewn all over the www. I can only understand, it’s a festival of happiness when at least for one-day I have seen people embracing their dire enemies and wishing them well. I feel good about this. Human kind is not bad by nature, conditions, insecurities, selfishness corrupts them. There are people who hate me and would gladly have my head on a spike outside their gate, but I don’t hate them. Maybe my interest had conflicted with them and I was the righteous one and my wish was fulfilled, now I can’t help it if they are daggers drawn at me! If I were them I’d have accepted the situation and just got going my way. No use dwelling on a matter that’s not in my hands!

World is a very small place to breed enemies & life is short, if I have already done any (many are coming to my mind), pal it was to turn out this way. If it was to be some other way it would have been that way but if this is the way no use holding a grudge against me! From deepest of my heart I am holding no grudge against anyone… for all hurt anyone has caused me I take today to forgive them all!

And I’d thank god in this auspicious hours for this beautiful life… wonderful friends… my parents.. relatives.. brother & none-the-less the ‘most precious girl’ in my life. A person who chose to stand by me without any second thoughts. I fell in love with you at turbulent time in our life, I am in love with you & I will always be with you, living in your love… I have a wish, I would want to dedicate a post in your honour boldly mentioning you, not just calling you N, my N, Nina, Blackbird etc. on the day of an Eid to come. And you would be the first to comment on that post 🙂  May all your wishes come true. This us will see many more eids to come…

May all of your wishes come true. Eid Mubarak to all!