Sepia-toned Two Little Kittens

I have seen many a photographs… clicked in compact- digital point-shoots, Expensive DSLRS, Lomo mechs, mobile cams etc. The wonderful play of  expensive lens, ravishing depth of field, vibrant colors, they make me go high with happiness. I too spend a lot of time capturing and trying out the technical intricacies on my Nikon L120 (that I posses now). But what I believe is that, the real force behind an image is the emotion attached. Not a ‘forced upon’ or a ‘make believe’ emotion but the ‘its the thought that counts’ kind of emotion, that washes over your mind like breakers on a sea shore.

Till this day most favorite image of mine is a picture of two ‘snuggling’ & asleep kittens. They picture was a simple mobile-cam snap at close range, cropped  and sepia over-layed from the phone’s image editor. But the emotions behind the image were priceless. It was my first gift from my Girlfriend, my Nina (gee I don’t write her full name as there are stalkers abound). The amount of happiness the image caused in my heart– the feeling of euphoria, the joy that comes from a simple image… it was my first experience at that! That’s an image, that’s what I cal an image… an image which never gets old. Each time my eyes fall on it, the euphoria crawls back. My heart skips a beat!

You might be wondering how does this bloke see it every-time? Well, it’s my cell’s standby image –forever and a day! Each morning the two little kittens ‘mew’ to wake me up… and every night they ‘mew’ me to sleep 🙂 That way… I am euphoric round the clock! So if you were wondering how I am like that… well you know now 🙂

PS:- Well … the image is in the feature, but I did not embedd it… 🙂 too precious for that! The image however went as my wall-post on Fb long back with the caption… Somebody gifted me this!