Alcohol induced stupor

I have always heard, poets & writers writing in a heady tipsy state, So I had always wanted to do something like that a chance came & I had logged into my blog and started typing away until falling asleep, here is all that I had written:

I have long wondered what it is like to be in an alcohol induced stupor and I have always been fascinated with the idea of writing in s semi conscious state. Well here I am. Right now we were celebrating a friend’s campus placement. It’s interesting. a big bottle of white rum was our guest and we just quaffed it…. I am having a strange sensation in my gut. Best thing to do when there is alcohol in your system is to lie down flat on your back. But that I am hunched forward is giving me a swirling feeling in my head, I am feeling vertigo very much. I cant properly see the keys and thank’s to the built in spell-checker in the wordpress online editor I am writing in fool-proof spellings. You see what I did with fool here? I use foolwise as my name here… no actually I wanted it, but my friends won’t find me so I use ibipul, a name that my friends in college were familiar with. So I just did an wise word play with that wise part, juxtaposed it with the proof, so you see foolwise is writing in foolproof english. I thought I would explain that as a new reader may not as such get what I am intending in saying.

In the retrospect I really should not have downed the raw last three pegs.  I am really averse to the idea of vomiting, I just cant. I was vomit master as a toddler.. that’s all I constantly did as my mother still says. But now consciously I really cannot do that. I just cant, you have to believe me on this. So I went out knocked on my friend’s door he came out we shared a smoke… I broke off. I am feeling real uneasy now. Hands kind of feel weighing 10 kg each. But dreams a calling .. I have to go through, I’ll complete this. Damn you facebook, there were a few people pinging me on chat I mumbled randomly for half an hour to several people… I dont think I said any bad things. Mainly I was giving some juniors some advices about higher studies, either they were listening or they were having fun with a pathetic drunk looser. I also wrote something on my facebook status about my 2 close hostel-mates.

I lied on my back for some time, and felt the world moving in my head. I could clearly see Nishnat’s smiling face in my head. That’s a warm feeling in my heart, misses a beat whenever I envision her. I sent her a text before getting this liquid treat from my friends. Really the swirling vertigo is coming back, I should lie down a bit….

P.S: — That’s where it  had ended.. until I was woken up next morning by my 2 hostel mates.. about whom the facebook status was 🙂 I had written: ” Goodni8… Hirak Ritankar… bye you are my best freinds.. and I’ll miss you always…” So thats another dream of mine getting fulfilled :). Leaving for a 2 day visit to Delhi for my TOEFEL exams. So I can’t be back here with accounts until 10th Nov, unless ofcourse I get to access to internet in some laptop. Too bad I have to flash my tablet software, else I could have written my posts from there, tough luck. Anyway my readers however small in number you may be you could be wishing me some luck. Signing off.