A wish on a “Cosmically Rare” Valentine’s Day


Love sick snoopy

“Hi everybody whattado? ” … Ah well it’s Valentine’s day. It’s cool. All young, not so youngish et all couple will be out merry-making throughout the day! Even if for a second I decide to turn off my brain from the crass consumerism that 14 Feb have turned into, it’s altogether not a very bad idea to have a day that celebrates love, except if you are somewhere in Maharashtra ( you saw what I did there!). By the golly, this year the english Vday has coincided with the Bengali Vday — the great Swaraswati puja. This is a rare cosmic event. How rare? Don’t ask me… well you could but the problem is, I don’t remember the Bengali New year so I can’t possible do the math for you. But take my word for it, it is damn rare.

Oh well let me give you a V-day hierarchy. If your girl/boyfriend depending on which gender you are is near you, you have a sparkly day to look at — may be a stroll along quite lane or holding hands and sitting in a park or restaurant or a movie date or simply being with each other the whole day — you feel the eternal bliss as if you’re the king or queen of the world, nothing matters (I have felt it every time I have gone to see me girlfriend in the far kingdom). If you are in a long distance relation you would be happy with your day-to-day calls and messages and dreams of some day making it to the close-together scenario, but all you do is sulking on Facebook swamped by V-day updates on the ticker, and may be just sleep through the day or try to study if you have exams or dissertations due ahead (You dare not go out, seeing all the V-day couples would only make you sulk more). Third lot is the set who are not as lucky yet to be someone’s valentine, mainly they will either be trolling on Fb, see it as chance to spend another whole day playing counter strike, or just sit there wishing somebody loved them and let out the sighs of despair, they accept the reality. There is however a fourth lot who have been friend zoned by some girls but they want to clamber out and essentially try to sabotage someone else’s valentine-map (experienced such an effort from an arbitrary lamer last year, I know what one time personal havoc they wreck… I have forgiven them though seeing a girl he has a crush on is completely in love with me  is traumatic but only by the extent of personal maturity which sadly he was a bit short on).

Quick wiki ploughing turned out the story of St. Valentine, I’d not elaborate on it, interested readers may just wiki it. So what I did on 13 Feb was sleep through almost the whole day and now the sleep eludes me. I guess I would like to visit my old school or college today, but it’s all in the thought I’d be in a dead slumber by the morning. But no seriously I’ve always I loved the idea of V-day even when I did not have a girlfriend some 2 years back. I remember blabbering a great deal about waiting for a valentine on a blog post which I titled something like “NP long wait for my Valentine” , which again my girlfriend did read and asked me what does that NP mean. When you have a girlfriend who have even touched your blog once or twice, you know she loves you more than enough. “You ain’t gonna need no Valentine’s day to know that” — yeah seems like suddenly I turned into Samuel L. Jackson in Happiness. But seriously I truly love the idea but I am not feeling very happy only because I am in the second level of the hierarchy (girlfriend faraway). Well best bet whoever you are is to come to terms with your situation. Try getting busy with work, keeps mind off any sadness. You can pursue music I do that. Just don’t feel worse, try to enjoy life as it comes, life is in fact short. You can’t waste t being unhappy. Life is a drawing without an eraser, keep drawing. Just don’t lose the hope. It’s going to be alright soon. When I asked my Valentine last day, so what’s up tomorrow? She said I could use some sleep since I don’t have to go out. This coming to terms with the situation is an amazing quality she has, no doubt she is much more mature in handling emotions than me even if she is 3 years my junior. I am the love-sick puppy of a very smart-practical girl I admit.

You know my blog kind of grants wishes. If I wish for it dearly in my blog, it happens. So what’s my wish on the blog tonight? Well I truly sincerely hope that someday very very soon my girlfriend who is now faraway will be near me all the year round. The first time that happens I’d honor a post completely for us about everything we have done during that 14th Feb. How far are you that precious 14th Feb? Come soon.

It's raining Love

It’s raining in Love