Where is the EOF for this Winter?

Winter… how long till we part this time?

For the uninitiated EOF is an End of File marker that is used in programming languages to symbolically mark the end of  a data chunk.. that we call file. I won’t go about defining file now.. as my own concepts may not be 100% solid, and this this is the internet I can be flamed down in seconds, that’s all it takes in this loony virtual reality called internet. Well I can’t live without it however smart ass I may sound and philosophically flag it down to whatever extent I can, I can’t just do without it. Word.

So this winter… I am no longer sure if this is still winter or did the monsoons already begin before time. Indian subcontinental summers are generally unnervingly heated over the past few years temperature regularly roofs at over 40 degree Celsius. Last year the saving grace was I ran away from Kolkata for an internship gig to Bangalore.. a very temperate Deccan city. I am quite afraid this time. Well, in the winters if things go too cold, u can slip on an extra layer or clothing or may just soak up some sun over your woolens etc. but how to escape the summer inferno..? At most u can strip down to your bare skin, but even then? Add some salt to the infernal burn… recent Kolkata summers have very low humidity simulating conditions like Rajasthan, it not only hurts.. it simply grills!

In class 8 geography I read about  continental climate, present in arid regions or completely land locked interior areas on various continents. Northern India near the capital can have a slight bent of continental characteristics but now even eastern and some south eastern regions are just turning into continental ovens. No I am not going to blare the Global warming horns.. but there is a shift in climate over entire south Asia region I guess. I am not atmospheric scientist… I can’t be sure. I am merely an Engineer in the computer Science discipline!

Exams are up in 2-3 days… so I was kind of bored. Decided to play the guitar for some time… and sing along and which I was doing for sometime until I found my fingers have frozen. Even now as I write… I am having to sit on my hands to thaw the numbness intermittently.  So I may ask divine simulators, did you in some way mess up your regulation code for the earth bound atmospheric conditions? Most probable is that the data file that feeds you the winter scenario has not been terminated properly, we are getting occasional winter effects into what should have been a genuinely friendly sunny weather. Debug your Earthly simulation soon.