Of Kings and Paupers (I)

The cleavage of reality sh ows. People who give & people who receive are apparently from different species. All are human but there exists a hierarchy. Those who have forever received… have always been in favour they never learnt to care & those who were never in favour they learnt to give… in the hopes of receiving any spec of kindness back. Apparently this marked discrepancy is what keep the human kind going.

The two groups never learn the pain and pleasures of the other group… an apathetic reality. The givers however yearn for being in a position where they may receive but the receivers never yearn other wise…. that is to give. Why does life always boil down to the king ans pauper story. The pauper always yarns for a meager ladle more of broth… but king who receives blocks of gold never even think of giving something back.

Apparently dozens of empires have fallen to this… & I am no king but a pauper to other people’s whims… my expectations are little. I don’t expect to get anything in return for anything I do and I never do. The people like us cry themselves to sleep… due to their hunger & the kings cannot sleep due to indigestion… Kings can  afford to run the kingdom dry on and off because they feel they are sick… but sick paupers have to believe they are the strongest persons alive and run the country.

Nobody cares for paupers… they are dispensible. But eons later when being neglected can’t be borne anymore paupers rise… they rise and lead to the fall of kings & kingdoms. Bastille falls & sepoy munitys take place….

P.s: Experiment of writing after having some drink is on. I’ll have to read this tomorrow to understand if I made sense. I guess I was writing about my personal life… the characters are allegorical. Good night.