Two network nodes in Love

I run out of words, don’t know what to say…
my queries trail off, redundant per se,
but the NULL character is still missing.
My STDIN — hungry for a character…
is altogether missing your ping,
give me some Priority— not a bloody Round Robin.
Please complete my stream & lead my way…
SYN me to a kinder day.

It’s hard to keep sending REQs
When all your ACKs go missing–
queued, ignored, dont care-d, lost.

With no response & hopping through hell–
my pings have sadly hit the TTL,
however much I deny it’s cost.

And why do I bring this network stuff
Into this life that is blaring real?
As there exists some reduction rouge
that maps us each to a beeping terminal.

Server node oh! my server node
your process cycle is maybe on an overload.

But don’t you see our QoS is dropping?
Will the pings go further popping?

The algorithm is now confused with excuses ‘lame’,
and labeling your node as a stuck up ‘dame’
I fear my routing table may just call it a day,
& forever delete our edge from the fray.

Glossary of Terms:
NULL: String/ stream terminators
STDIN: Standard Input
REQ: TCP/IP requests
ACK: Acknowledgements
Priority & Round Robin: Types of Scheduling requests.
SYN: Syn Bit. Refer to TCP/IP header fields.
TTL: Time to Live field. Refer to same as above.
QoS: Quality of service in communication
Algorithm: Here my mental condition. Actual reference to Network algorithms.
(P.S: At this moment, my life is in quite a turmoil, Cross roads again… just I dont know how to cross… as the other side is dark & I am scared. This little poem (I dont wrote poems) is a light reflection touched with humor to a major stake that is clawing my heart!  Are my pings destined to hop through hell looping but never bringing an ACK?)