Being a professional but still feeling the college vibes

Being a data analyst, teamed up with probably some of the nations greatest minds is a thoroughfare of zealous activity. As a younger person I had often wondered how it is like to find patterns in seemingly random data, my interest had always been in visualising seemingly common place data in exotic manner, to discover forms in them, to find if they have a life, if their pulse wants to tell you something. Visualisation is just like looking at the data from various vantages to see if that life line can be unearthed. Now I am expected to do just that, that’s an interesting proposition especially I also get paid. It doesn’t feel much different from the college or university days, except that the assignments are not the most boring part, they are the most interesting ones and those are what comprise of the job. It is sometimes a little unnerving as there is often no right answer only a seeming direction where the right answer might lie, but burning the midnight oil to learn about what just few lines of code does, to do just some minor tweak in one small arm of a larger problem has never been so interesting.  It has been half an year I have been in the industry, and sincerely, it really had been a good decision to join. Delivering when needed is a serious discipline we all need to learn, and also compartmentalising your personal life from your professional one is also a thing to learn, which earlier eluded me — but slowly now I am getting it. And in a few words… it’s zen.

This was more like a dear diary moment, by freak chance I came back to look at the WordPress blog, and I do feel good. On the side note I am thinking of opening an R related blog, but seeing the expertise of some R bloggers, I am apprehensive my self, there is such awesomeness around that I don’t want to look awful. Oh and I am also learning to give more focus on fitness, namely joined a zoomba workout regime, gym session 2-3 times a week (trying to be regular) & of course cycling 8 kms everyday.