This Just Another Few words about myself. I am Bipul Islam, student as off now… and will be so for coming few years. My Weblogs have been around for couple of years, but serious blogging is a recent development. I do tend to forget to write often. But changing habits is no big deal. There is always an inherent joy of  having people see whatever little efforts you show, and their little acknowledgemnts & nods are a great boost to the morale.

You can always find me in facebook, and twitter and I am active always. Photography is another hobby of mine, so i do maintain a photoblog in flickr. I  have some other blogs too. I write for pleasure… and write to please, just take a note that I am no word-ly wiz.

Hope I please u!


I am Mitul Islam and that’s a nickname that I prize and use. I am an ardent champion of Mathematics and ‘Scientific Methods’ and I believe Science and Literature are two different ways to seek the ultimate truth (whatever it may be). I am very very satisfied when I am able to get a mathematical model out of no-where to explain the nature around. I am new to blogging, which has recently attracted me as this Independence of expressing once views is very appealing.

You can find me in the facebook, but I can’t guarantee when I’ll be there. But I seem to be regular. My hobbies include listening to Music, and reading all kinds of books voraciously. I am also trying my hand at photography nowadays, what can I do if the camera is already semi broken?

Wish you would hear me often!


Known by numerous names, Masud, Bulbul, Lazarus, I am commonly found in dingy little cafe cubicles, or garia kachori stalls, or  simply hanging out in front of the staircase of the school, and, as is very evident, I am not a very serious fellow, but if some shit hits the fan, I pick up the pen in all my fury and write till at least some laughs are laughed or jaws are dropped, and for once I would want to wave some of my views in your faces, and hence…

Read at your own risk!

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