Solution for international free sms —


I have been a dire need to send international sms’s from India wich irrespective of operators generally cost you Rs.5 for each sms, and that’s a burns a bit of a hole in… Continue reading

Python code that performs DFS search on your Linux/unix directory tree


The program implements an alternative to find comand available in Linux
./ -n “filename string” -s “start location of search in dir tree”
./search -h (will give a exhaustive help)

Bipul Islam (cs1115)
Ritankar Mandal (cs1119)

NOTES:The program was written in Ubuntu 10.10 compiled on python 2.6.6 [GCC 4.4.5], modules used:argparse, string, commands
ISSUES:Due to some glitch in some version(s) of pythons,The statement: sh: Syntax error:”(” unexpected (expecting “}”) maybe outputted 4 to 5 times interleaved with actual Output

Being an engineer


Sitting in a cubicle of a open-ended research based organization I am getting the feel of how very important Undergraduate level  mathematics is, rather for that matter mathematics is. Things that are going… Continue reading

Being an intern @Strand Life Sciences


The M.Tech(CS) course requirements requires an ISI student to have an intern-ship experience at an academic or industrial establishment. So this semester break is to be fuelled in this regard in other words,… Continue reading

Proposing to someone is err…Recursively Enumerable


Nota Bene : This post is NOT dedicated to people who are Happily in love. But ONLY who feel they are in love & will propose soon with the question whether their en-devour will be reciprocated or… Continue reading

Schrödinger’s cats of Indian Statistical Institute


All hail Herr Erwin Schrödinger ! “Ye mighty Schrodinger, mighty are thy sick-er thoughts!” Where are the Peta people gone? There’s a bloody crime being celebrated world wide, because of an arbitrary curiosity that killed… Continue reading

About to complete a year @Indian Statistical Institue (Kolkata)


Now it’s about 9 months or an Year, that I am in ISI kolkata, and experience has been like never before. Earlier I’d get away with all my crimes & wasteful indulgences apart… Continue reading

Being earnest


‘Hmmm’, that’s a very unlikely choice for a  word to begin a piece whose title runs ‘Being earnest’. Why? This is one most used shield of a word that can cut you short at any… Continue reading

Analysis of a Caterpillar


I was wondering what kind of animal is a Caterpillar. Caterpillar is to butterflies what monkeys are to humans. Hmmm. Logical question how long did monkeys spend in the monkey cocoon? is there… Continue reading

A semester at ISI (Kolkata) & a raindrop in my life


Finally yesterday, the much dreaded yet awaited first semester ended. Being an M.Tech student was assumed to be a cake-walk back in the fun filled B.Tech days. Well lot of definitions changed right… Continue reading

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