Dear blog… if you could speak, reply!


Often I am in a serious dilemma. Often a very unintentional light comment can return as a mighty punch in the gut! Caught totally unaware not even expecting such a turnout, you feel… Continue reading

me + 4 years = new(me) // thanks friends


Over the last 4 years, I have transformed from a home-bound Geek to out-going Freak. And I love the transformation! This harmonic or phonetic transformation has also brought me the title of an… Continue reading

Taking a ‘new kid’ on board our Foolwise Brigade!


All hail, Masud Zaman, author name: lazaruszaman , our cousin beloved who seems to have some (?) talent that’s fitting to be referred to as foolishly wise. He has been scattering his talents… Continue reading

Unreal Analysis: Vol I (Analyzing Women!)


Mind is a indeed maze. But jokes that go like ‘the maze in a woman’s mind is a straight line on a spherical plane (a curved line, that is) are not in a… Continue reading

Counter Strike 1.6 @Avenir 2011– Day 3 or Final Showdown!


Finally the great fiasco of Counterstrike 1.6 clanwars @Avenir 2011 came to an end in a hard hitting finish, when surprise underdogs ‘Inception (ubs)’ beat the defending champions and this year’s finalists– the… Continue reading

Counter Strike 1.6 @Avenir 2011 –Day 2 or battle of biggies!


This was an interesting day… The day started with disqualification of R.I.P of N.S.E.C  because they did not turn up at their fixed schedules that the organisers had called. The day was eventful… Continue reading

Counter Strike 1.6 @Avenir 2011 — Day 1 or first round pooling!


With the 4th March here– finally! We had a gala kick off of our Cs 1.6 Clanwars. We have had a participation of 21 teams from internal side and 24 teams from the… Continue reading

Counter Strike 1.6 @Avenir 2011 — Day 0 or Internal Rounds!


Ah what a day… 21 internal college teams battled it out on the home turf to packed audiences in front of Live big screen! 10 teams travel from here to the Official 32… Continue reading

CounterStrike 1.6 Clanwars @Avenir 2011 — Final Setup!


Netaji Subhash Engineering College Tech Fest for 2011, i.e, Avenir 2011 is here to satiate your competing selves! As a part of the administrator’s team it has been quite a month fixing up… Continue reading

My Escapades amongst some hungry people


Avenir 2011 is drawing up on 4-6 March. Being a part of the Counter Strike 1.6 Clan Wars Administrator team comes with responsibilities. So as has been the routine of past several days…… Continue reading

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