Indiblogger Kolkata meet (#indical Feb 20, 2011)

by comes with a tagline “We blog therefore we are!”. That’s catchy and that’s cool! Yeah I love  that black tee that #indical gave-away — it says the same (Bangalore XL size is… Continue reading

NP long wait for a Valentine


The furor of Valentines day & Egypt’s Hossani Mubarak running with his tail on fire has drowned my earnest desire of being somebody’s arm candy or rather getting an arm candy. However as… Continue reading

Thus I blog from a mobile…


I had wondered what’s it like to nibble at my blog from a mobile device! Here it comes from my cost effective obscure Zen mobile. Ever heard of it? ok, you never will,… Continue reading

League of Extraordinary caricatures… meets Cindrella


“Where shall we meet again? In thunder lightning & in rain”… was all the dark looking creepy silhouette said before he vanished into the darkness and Soweak, Guru and the Count Pomegranate stood… Continue reading

Getting Jobbed …


Landing up a job is every student, man-woman etc’s dream! And  the season of campus drives is here … and the fever is on! Me too was a part of the same… it’s… Continue reading

2010 in review: Looking Back!


The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health: The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow. Crunchy numbers A Boeing… Continue reading

Why Heels!!


I was kind of wondering today? My point of wonder was selected out of the blue… and it happened to be a high heeled shoe. For ones they are an eye sore, the… Continue reading

Improvised Writer’s Block! Chock-a-Block!


For my folks, fellows, fools & friends– miss me? Or my twisted view of reality that I describe as something critical & useful, and you blow off as junk (I did not use crap… Continue reading



That you are here sitting and reading my diwali-ed post, you did not have any crackers gone wrong behind you, so congrats to you and your successful ear-splitting , eye dazzling fun! Still groggy? Get your music system, and let K’naan sing — “When I get older I’ll be stronger….” , does not matter if you are on the wrong side of 50, Celebration is just a cracker’s throw from you (Tennis Elbows not withstanding!).

And the lone ranger rides into the sunset … yet again! (part II)


So you see Undone is now playing the card he plays best… playing the victim, to win over sympathy of the queen! Just to drive the point home we can say that Undone’s trail of destruction had touched Soweak, the Count, the Guru, even the boss of bosses Shoddy & his ‘Aera’ right-hand Cavedogg. But the queen knows well of him… she has not broken off with her friends inspite of the bloating by Undone! She has kept all her pursuers hanging… Undone yet to see through the mystery ( he is such a jughead!) and Shoddypoker sending mixed messages to the Queen, and her highness herself is confused! Only Count Pomegranate has focussed into eliminating the general populace with his musical genius ( I don’t know why he did not invite Undone once and make him listen to his songs to end the matter for good! He is one fundamental founders of the K-serials… and rumor has it he makes millions from them so he knows how to keep things hanging. So only the count is away from the dame’s influence and is making his millions!… no-doubt they are true that a dame will surely screw your plans of making millions).

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