It’s time you said you are a — GUITARIST


This is a digital art by ibipul . You are free to use the image if you credit the original source & author. It’s time you said you are the guitarist!


And the Lone Ranger Rides into the Sunset (part I)


What would you possibly be thinking when you meet some of yours friends feasting at a restaurant and when you approach them, they lie about the reason for the feast and try to evade you?… Continue reading

Identity and Mental Space : Quantum Mechanical and Realtivistic Approach


The views explored herein are personal and highly experimental. It’s an effort to explain psychological phenomenon in terms of modern physics as I have known it. My special thanks to Suman sir, my… Continue reading

If you call me an ‘idiot’, I’ll break your face!


This is a post 3- idiots tendency, and it has turned into a cliche! Just more and more people are opting to be called an idiot rather than a smart Alec! People are… Continue reading

Workshop on GNU/Linux, networking & security @Ramakrishna Mission College, Narendrapur (Kolkata)


We (G5) were back in the field being preachy… :)! It’s always a very nice feeling you get– while teaching people  and see the look on their face when they understand a concept,… Continue reading

No Free Beer: Few words on Free software & their relevance


What do you think? I’ll tell you how to get beer for free? Forget it, even tea doesn’t come for free these days. That was just being catchy to grab your attention. Through… Continue reading

India eyeing Star-Wars !! That’s a wow!


India’s Defence Development & Research Organisation (DRDO) is developing a A-sat, anti-satellite extra atmospheric kill vehicle. This vehicle would destroy hostile enemy satellites in orbit guided by Lasers. It is a part of… Continue reading

Et tu !! … I mean, You too!!


Immortalized by Herr. Julius Ceasar ( who wasn’t German or a Nazi by any chance), the great Roman emperor… this is the strongest weapon developed by mankind after the nuclear weaponry! It’s the… Continue reading

To Sir, with Love


Today is teachers day. This is an Indian festival, and we like it a lot. For this one day we happily pay homage to all our teacher… who have been, & who are.… Continue reading

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